The November 2009 Council Meeting

The Council Crew got together for another great time for the Council Meeting at Logo's on November 6th, 2009. In attendance were Uncle Gary, Jennifer, Matt, Steve, Jamie, Beaver, TracIE, Ronnie, Denise, Michael and for his very first visit with The Council, introducing the world famous and internationally known The Evil Gregor.

The next Council Meeting will be on December 4th; hope to see ya there!

The question on everyone's mind is, "Was there ever a time when Gregor wasn't evil"? Only Matt knows for sure because they have known each other since they were five years old. The only answer that Matt will give is that there was a time, in the late '60's, when Gregor was only quasi evil. Then in grade school, Gregor became semi evil and by high school, he became the evil Gregor that the world knows today!
The Evil Gregor gave Matt a BIG "Thumbs up" to a great time with the Council Crew at Logo's.
Matt always has a wonderful time when Michael shows up for a Council Meeting. They can talk about car parts like carburetors, fuel injectors and even flux capacitors. Michael knows it all!
After Steve saw this photo of him and Michael, he said that Michael's mannerisms reminded him of Chuckie. Michael is sure a chip right off the ol' block!
When Uncle Gary floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee, it scares Michael!
Chuckie Uncle Gary
By the look on Michael's face, Beaver must be grabbing his butt again. The thing is, we think he likes it!!
Beaver smiles for the camera as only Beaver can!
Beaver and TracIE worked all night on a very special sign to say "Hello to Barb". Of coarse that was after TracIE consumed most of the liquor at Logo's!
We don't know how she did it but this picture actually shows that TracIE is a three fisted drinker!
TracIE made the Council photographer take this picture as Beaver sashayed his way back to the Council table showing off the fact that he really doesn't have much of a rear bumper!
Michelobe Ultra

By the look on TracIE's face, Logo's just ran out of Michelobe Ultra.

Either that or she just ate the "HI Barb" sign!

TracIE and Ronnie lookin' good and havin' fun with all their friends at the Council Meetin'.
In November, Ronnie and Denise always look forward to three things, The Council Meeting, Denise's Birthday and Thanksgiving!
After just stepping off the plane from Mexico, Steve and Beaver had a lot to talk about. But some how, Steve's view was quite a bit different than Beaver's!

Jamie and Steve had a great time with the Council Crew and their new burro?

You can't smoke in Logo's but there is nothing that says you can't bring in your burro!

Jamie, Matt and Steve are the official Council project crew.

If it needs done, these are the guys to call!

Steve, Jamie and Uncle Gary all enjoy BBQ, Blues and Council Meetings together!
Jennifer and Uncle Gary saved a seat for a very special Council Member while autographing her new book, "Gone Rogue". Don't forget to pick up your copy today available at fine book stores everywhere!
Jennifer's 2009 "Gone Rogue" book.
Uncle Gary Jennifer

During The Council Meeting at Logo's on November 6th, 2009, Uncle Gary said, "It's hard to believe that it's been a year since Chuckie left us. I went and visited him and Gena today and I really miss them both. Sometimes I feel like Chuckie is right there still enjoying Council Meetings with us. And knowing Chuckie, I'm sure he is!"

Have a virtual visit with Chuck and Gena HERE.
Chuckie Uncle Gary


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