The Council Crew got together for another fun filled New Years Eve Party in Uncle Gary's Basement that took us right in to the very first Council Meeting of 2010. In attendance were Uncle Gary, Jennifer, Julie, Derrick, Steve, Buck, David, Donna, Matt, Peggy, Jeffie, Sharon, Robert, Jane, Ronnie, Denise, and Dawna. The next Council Meeting will be on February 5th to celebrate John's birthday; hope to see ya there!

Steve and Dawna ring in the new year together with all their Council friends in Uncle Gary's Basement.

Buck and Steve
Wearing a very fashionable "Happy New Year" hat, Steve blows his own horn and raises a toast to celebrate the new year!
Derrick and Steve

Can you tell who ran out of beer?

Steve or Matt
Steve and Matt point out that Peggy found a creative way to thaw the "blues"!
In a picture that Uncle Gary says is one of the best ever taken, Matt gives a toast to good times, the best of friends and to a new year!
Peggy and Matt ring in another new year together with all their Council friends in Uncle Gary's Basement.
Peggy and Matt
Uncle Gary, Julie and Matt
Matt and Uncle Gary
Robert, Dawna and Uncle Gary
Uncle Gary
Uncle Gary
Uncle Gary and Buck
David and Buck
Some said that Buck was giving David a halo; others say Buck was hiding David's horns! Either way, David was ready to ring in the new year with friends and family.
Donna, Uncle Gary and Buck
Donna and David
Donna and David
Donna and Julie
Julie and Derrick
Julie and Derrick
Derrick and Julie
Derrick and Robert
Derrick, Indiana Todd and Steve
Sharon and Indiana Todd
Sharon and Peggy
Peggy and Ronnie
Uncle Gary and Ronnie
Ronnie and Denise
Ronnie and Robert
Jane and Robert
Jane and Dawna
Jane and Robert
Robert and Dawna
Dawna and Peggy
Donna and the rest of The Council Crew went to sleep dreaming of good times, great friends and all lived happily ever after.


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