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~ A chip off the old block - 2009 ~
With a special request for the Linkin Park song, "In The End" and Greg being absent, Adrian stepped in to help his Dad during The council Beer Summit at Logo's on August 7th, 2009!

It was really apparent from the start that Derrick and Adrian had a lot of fun singing together.

Derrick and Adrian received a standing ovation from the huge crowd as everyone applauded and cheered their fantastic performance!
The Elk Bottled Beer
Lisa was just warming up and Adrian was ready for more as the two took the Logo's stage for their great duet!
Lisa and Adrian made beautiful music together while the crowd at Logo's and the entire Council Crew sang along, applauded and cheered them on!
Honey Brown
Lisa Lisa
Newcastle Brown Ale

Adrian received "High Fives" from all of his fans after a killer performance on the Logo's stage.

You Rock Adrian!
Derrick Lisa

Lisa, Derrick and Adrian paused for this great photo that Derrick proudly used as his profile picture on his Facebook page!

Newcastle Brown Ale
Adrian listened carefully as Derrick explained the dangers of public intoxication while Uncle Gary tried to hold Ronnie upright after having too much fun during The Council Beer Summit!
Derrick Ronnie Uncle Gary Adrian