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~ The Sergeant of Arms, Legal Counsel & Groomer - 2003 ~
November 28th, 2003
Yes, this is Ronnie!
Jeffie Dave

Happy Birthday Tracie!


We'll Kick Your Ass And Take Your Doughnuts Too!

What a surprise!

Beaver and Tracie happily announced that they were engaged to be married during the Council Meeting on September 12th, 2003!

The Council cheered when they herd the great news but then began getting sick and David even started throwing up saying, "How could she kiss that?". The Meeting finally continued when the mess was cleaned up and Uncle Gary was finally revived and treated with pain killers and a saline solution.
Beaver sat quietly alone during the Council Meeting on June 27th, 2003 because he missed Tracy so much. "Why Oh Why, did she have to stay home and wash her hair, Why?" he cried as he began chewing on his fingernails!
Tracie and Beaver enjoyed another quiet Council Meeting sitting in their booth on June 13th, 2003 when things got a little out of hand!
Suddenly overcome with passion and desire, Beaver started singing, "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" and began showing everyone some cleavage! Tracie got out of the way of all the madness and immediately took away his soft drink saying that he was over stimulated with caffeine and needed to rest.
Jeffie and Beaver discussed the possibility of installing an ICBM or at least some sort of Patriot Missile system to protect The Council during the Meeting on June 6th, 2003. The problem was that Jeffie wanted to be in charge of the button!

~ May 23rd, 2003 ~

That's my cute little Beaver, Yes you are!

"It's hard being so damn good looking", said Beaver.

It's not Beaver's fault that Ronnie took his chair during the Council Meeting on April 25th, 2003. After what's his is his!
Beaver and Tracie dropped in to say hello to The Council and have a few cold ones on February 7th, 2003.
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