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~ The Sergeant of Arms, Legal Counsel & Groomer - 2004 ~

The Council Crew had a great time celebrating at Beaver and Tracie's wedding reception on November 13th, 2004.

Check out the party here!

Oblivious of Chuckie's presence, Beaver plans a stop at Home Depot after The Council Meeting on November 12th, 2004 for lag bolts, 2x4's, and chain for the special wedding gift (note the vice-like grip he has on it) presented to he and Tracie from The Crew.
Chuckie Uncle Gary Jennifer Dawna
Everyone eagerly awaited the moment when Tracie and Beaver opened their wedding present from The Council Crew on November 12th, 2004.

A traditional gift giving group, WE ARE NOT!

And this is what the happy couple looked like during The Council Meeting on October 15th, 2004 "before" they got married on October 22nd, 2004!
During the Council Meeting on September 17th, 2004, Chuckie thought it would be nice to start the official Council literary society. Beaver really liked page 110 while Tracie enjoyed page 172!

Tracie suddenly became very afraid during the Council Meeting at Hippo Joe's on August 20th, 2004 when she noticed that Beaver was actually carrying on a conversation with her cigarette.

Quick, someone call a county agency!


~ June 18th, 2004 ~

This picture was taken at Hippo Joe's of the Beaver and two of his favorite ladies!

We can all thank Julie for this graphic photo she took during the Council Meeting at Hippo Joe's on May 21st, 2004 of Beaver recreating what he must look like when he sits on the toilet!

Beaver and Tracie had a great time as they and the crew celebrated Beaver's Mom's 70th during the Council Meeting at Hippo Joe's on May 21st, 2004.

Check it out here!

The Council Management and Staff has received hundreds of e-mail's over the years of fans wanting to see the inside of Beaver's nose. This lovely picture was taken during the Council Meeting at Peg's Pub on May 7th, 2004 just for you!
April 16th, 2004
By the look on her face, Tracie was happy enough for both Beaver and Ronnie at Hippo Joe's on April 2nd, 2004 but Council Meetings usually has that type of positive effect on people!
Without anywhere else to sit, Tracie found Beaver's lap a nice comfortable place during the Council Meeting at The Silverton Cafe on March 26th, 2004. Naturally she had to make Chuckie move first!
Giving the crew a big thumbs up, Beaver and Tracie enjoyed another one of their many Friday night social gatherings by attending The Council Meeting at The Silverton Cafe with all of their friends on March 19th, 2004!

Wouldn't you like to know what Tracie and Beaver got so excited about during the Council Meeting at Hippo Joe's on February 20th, 2004? Let's just say it was a big "thumbs up" to future possibilities!

Beaver said, "Hey lady, I'm going to need to see your driver's license, registration and proof of insurance". Tracie simply replied, "I've been to a Council Meeting " and the kind officer then put her in his car and took her home on February 13th, 2004.
The question during the Council Meeting on January 23rd, 2004 was; Is the reason that Beaver looked like that because Tracie had a firm grip on the back of his underwear?
January 16th, 2004
January 9th, 2004
January 9th, 2004
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