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~ The Sergeant of Arms, Legal Counsel & Groomer - 2009 ~
Beaver and TracIE worked all night on a very special sign to say "Hello to Barb". Of coarse that was after TracIE consumed most of the liquor at Logo's during the Council Meeting on November 6th, 2009!
We don't know how she did it but this picture actually shows that TracIE is a three fisted drinker!
Evil Gregor
TracIE made the Council photographer take this picture as Beaver sashayed his way back to the Council table showing off the fact that he really doesn't have much of a rear bumper!
Jamie Steve Evil Gregor's head Denise
Michelobe Ultra

By the look on TracIE's face, Logo's just ran out of Michelobe Ultra.

Either that or she just ate the "HI Barb" sign!

TracIE and Ronnie lookin' good and havin' fun with all their friends at the Council Meetin'.
Evil Gregor Ronnie
Beaver smiled for the camera as only Beaver can!
Herr Beaver und Fräu TracIE had a great time at the very first Oktoberfest mit der Council party on September 5th, 2009.
Oktoberfest mit der Council
Check out all the fun we had at the the party here.
Fräu TracIE, Fräulein Dawna und Fräulein Peggy
Fräulein Dawna Fräulein Peggy
Fräulein Peggy und Herr Beaver smile for the camera.
Fräulein Peggy
Onkel Gary found a way to make Herr Beaver smile. Just blow in Beaver's ear and he'll follow you anywhere!
Onkel Gary
Fräulein Amy und Fräulein Emily had a great time at Oktoberfeat mit der Council too!
Fräulein Amy
Herr Beaver und Herr Owen
Herr Beaver, Herr Derrick und Herr John
Herr John Herr Derrick
John is smiling because he knew that Beaver was stealing Capt'n Dickie's wallet as this photo was being taken during the DickieFest Council meeting at Logo's on July 3rd, 2009.
Capt'n Dickie John the dancing CEO
Tracie had to close her eyes when Braver told Capt'n Dickie that those diplomas sold for 47 Pesos and were used for toilet paper in in San Antonio, Texas when he was stationed there.
Capt'n Dickie
& Dad!
TracIE, Beaver
and the entire Council Crew
During the celebration of the very first official Council Holiday, Check out all the fun we had at Chuckiepalooza 2, on June 6th, 2009, Beaver and TracIE wanted to make sure that Barbara and Dad knew they were thinking about them.
Jeremy Hilary Boob Ph.D.

In this picture of Beaver and Dawna, the sign is true. In honor of Check out all the fun we had at Chuckiepalooza 2, Beaver was wearing white silk boxers with little red hearts, hot pink fishnet stockings and black six inch stiletto heals. Homeland security and four other US government agencies strongly suggested The Council remove those pictures from this web site.

But Beaver really looked spectacular!
Beaver said, " You know I should run you in for this". Jeffie replied, "It's not mine; I was just holding it for a friend!" "Yea, I've heard it all before" said Beaver in disgust, "but possession is still possession."
Burger Beer
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Check out all the fun we had at Chuckiepalooza 2 Dawna