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Beaver & Tracie's Wedding Reception
Beaver & Tracie were married on the stage at the Sweet Fanny Adams Theater in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on October 22nd, 2004 with 167 in the audience cheering them on. The staff and management were very excited when Beaver called and asked if anyone had ever got married there because no one ever had. During intermission, the actors were all dressed up as bride's maids and groomsmen and one of the actors, who was actually a minister, wrote a very funny set of vows full of comedy bits, innuendo and jokes but ended up with a heart felt ceremony. The crowd applauded as the new couple left the stage and when the show was over many asked if they really got married or was it all just part of the act? Beaver and Tracie were then congratulated in what became a huge receiving line as everyone exited the theater.
Beaver's friends Jack and Suzy Casper insisted on hosting a reception at their home. With so many friends and family on the guest list, it was decided to make the event in to a extravagant harvest style party in the barn. So on November 13th, 2004 complete with lovely decorations, bails of hay, bonfires for roasting marshmallows and making smores, a good looking DJ that played everyone's favorite music and last but not least, a ton of great food the large crowd had an unforgettable time.
Around 9:00 PM, Beaver gave a touching speech thanking Suzy Casper for everything that she had done for him and then invited everyone to attend the wedding. Uncle Gary had set up a video projector and played the video taped event on large screen located at the end of the barn. This photo was taken by Suzy Casper just before the movie started.
Uncle Gary then asked the crowd if they thought the bride and groom should have the customary first dance together. Everyone agreed by applauding loudly so Beaver and Tracie were brought back up to the dance floor but some how the theme from "Leave It To Beaver" was played by "accident". Gary apologized for the "mistake" and then asked everyone to join in the Sweet Fanny Adams style by singing along to the Mills Brothers rendition of "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" as the bride and groom danced.
Uncle Gary Beaver & Tracie
Uncle Gary

Uncle Gary had everyone singing and dancing the night away with all of The Council's favorite tunes.


And dance they did.....

Who knew Chuckie was so graceful?

Jennifer's hand Jennifer Peggy Derrick

Naturally Derrick had to sing while he danced with Peggy and Jennifer.

Taylor admired their talent!

Taylor is Tracie's niece and she hung with the Council Crew till the party was over singing, dancing and having a great time!
Yes, that's Greg back there behind Derrick and Peggy doing his world famous "Greg"dance!
Even Uncle Gary got a chance to cut the rug with Peggy. And yes Dawna, there was twirling involved!
Peggy Uncle Gary
And they danced....
And they danced some more!
Peggy Matt

Either Peggy and Matt were dancing, or they were surprised by the unique "Council Style" decorations. Suzy Casper sure thought of everything.

Wait a minute, that looks like something Matt would have done!


With good music, good friends, a fun atmosphere, plenty of ice cold beer and 240 Jello shots had the party well under way!

Peggy demonstrated the proper way to extract the tasty green snack!



Jennifer developed her own way to get at the delectable green treat.


Dawna, naturally had a style all her own!



Peggy and Derrick were having a great time too!


Ronnie and Denise enjoyed watching all the action.


David and Donna, who recently got married themselves took a breather and enjoyed a cold one by sitting on bails of hay.

The Groom & The Bride
The happy Groom and Bride as well as other guests were ushered in to one of the specially set up stalls to have their picture taken by Mrs. Casper.

The Council's very own party babes:

Dawna & Peggy & Jennifer & Peggy

Dawna Peggy Jennifer Peggy
Peggy John & Dawna
Dickie & Sandy
Jeff & Sharon
David & Donna
Ronnie & Denise
Greg & Dawna
Derrick & Peggy

Ladies and Gentlemen it's time for

"The Chicken Dance"!

Beaver grabbed the "Official" Council Rubber Chicken and proceeded to lead the crowd around the barn as only he could!
The official Council Chicken
The party could be found not only in the barn but outside as well.....
This picture needs no explanation. Because if we did, Peggy would tell us who was hogging the Port-O-Let!
Derrick visited with Uncle Gary as different pictures from Council Meetings of Beaver and Tracie were displayed on the screen through out the evening.
Derrick Uncle Gary
And they all lived happily ever after!
(A BIG Council THANK YOU to Matt, John, Uncle Gary and Suzy Casper for providing these pictures)


The official Council Chicken Beaver Greg Dawna The Groom The Bride Chuckie John Dave Jennifer Uncle Gary Derrick Peggy Young Buckie Donna David Matt Peggy Uncle Gary Aunt Sandy Dickie Dawna Jeffie Sharon Uncle Gary Ronnie & Denise Derrick Peggy Bubbles Peggy Jennifer Jennifer Derrick David Donna The Bride and Groom David Donna Chuckie Dawna David & Donna Jennifer's hand Jennifer Peggy Derrick Peggy Uncle Gary Peggy Matt Derrick Greg Peggy