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"The Official Council Rubber Chicken"

Q: Why did the Rubber Chicken cross the road?

A: To go to The Council Meeting!
Why did Ronnie show up at the Council Meeting on October 4th, 2002 with a Rubber Chicken one might ask? Why not? There has been and always will be something inherently funny about a Rubber Chicken. After all, many Council members have had relationships with Rubber chickens for years! Therefor, Ronnie decided to procure a fine Rubber Chicken and donate it to The Council as "The Official Council Rubber Chicken". So from all of us at The Council, Thanks Ronnie!
How do you know when you have
a real Rubber Chicken?
Smells like a Rubber Chicken
Feels like a Rubber Chicken
Tastes like a Rubber Chicken
John Jeffie
Then it must be a Rubber Chicken!
Do Rubber Chickens
make good pets?
Zack highly recommends having a Rubber Chicken as a pet until they decide to go off half cocked!
Where do Council Members get their Rubber Chickens?
Jamie says that they sometimes come in vending machines cleverly disguised as potato chips or even at many popular fast food restaurants.
David enjoys dining on Rubber Chickens raw!
Uncle Gary was thrilled to be presented with such a fine Rubber Chicken that he said he would take it home and take care of it for the rest of it's days!
Foster's Lager Uncle Gary
What do Rubber Chickens drink?
Wild Turkey
Dennis and Buck demonstrated the proper way to help a Rubber Chicken consume his beverage.
Rubber Chickens have a tendency to quickly become sloppy drunk!
This, of course, allows the most unscrupulous scoundrels to to take full advantage of the situation!
Rubber Chickens really can't handle their liquor. Colonel Harland Sanders found out years ago that it made them easy to catch!
Colonel Harland Sanders
How do you find out if it's a boy Rubber Chicken or a girl Rubber Chicken?
Jeffie Dave
Dave showed Jeffie that it's printed on the bottom!
What kind of fun do Council Members have with their Rubber Chickens?
Dave really enjoys watching Buck choke his chicken even though the label warns against it!


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