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~ 2008 ~
On planet earth, June 7th, 2008 was promoted as "Chuckiepalooza - The Chuckie's Back Council Meeting". On hundreds of other planets throughout thousands of galaxies, during the same time space continuum, the event has been known for thousands of years as "Chuckiestock - 3 Days of Debauchery & Perversion". A tribute to our friend Chuckie who has always been and continues to be an inspiration to us all!
The Commander Candy Pantz
The world famous Commander Candy Pantz showed up to the very first annual Chuckiepalooza on this planet in his amazing Chuckiemobile sporting the costume that started it all back in 1978 and made him loved by everyone from Nicholson, Kentucky to Franklin, Ohio!
The Commander and his Angel Lady
Chuckie & Donna
Chuckie "Wild" Bill
The Commander Candy Pantz

The official

Chuckiepalooza 2008 cake

(Thanks Tracy)

Chuckie, Jeffie, Sharon

& Jennifer

Chuckie & Jennifer
Jennifer Chuckie
Tracy Jeffie Chuckie Buck
Chuckie & Jeffie get together for the first time since the release of their block buster movie "Jeffie Todd".
Mild mannered Sharon enjoyed Chuckiepalooza but secretly wanted to put on her belly dancing costume and entertain the Council Crew. Maybe next time!
Sharon Jeffie
Sharon & Jeffie
Capt'n Dickie played with Jeffie's chin and Sharon liked to watch!
Sharon Jeffie Capt'n Dickie
Sharon hangs out by the Chuckiepalooza banner that all of the Council Crew signed.
Uncle Gary and The Commander
Chuckie Uncle Gary
Chuckie Uncle Gary
And they Danced!
Uncle Gary and Donna
Donna Uncle Gary
Nancy "Wild" Bill Tracy Capt'n Dickie Chuckie Uncle Gary Peggy John
A very hot and tired Uncle Gary relaxed with his friends after cutting the rug with The Commander.
Little did Uncle Gary know, someone was lurking just behind him ready to cool him off!
Chuckie Nancy Uncle Gary
Thanks Nancy!
"Wild" Bill, Uncle Gary and Nancy
Uncle Gary "Wild" Bill Nancy
"Wild" Bill Nancy
"Wild" Bill and Nancy are ready for seconds.
Capt'n Dickie and "Wild" Bill look over all of the fine goodies.
Capt'n Dickie "Wild" Bill
Nancy "Wild" Bill
Nancy and "Wild" Bill
John, Ronnie & Chuckie
Chuckie John Ronnie
Denise Ronnie John Uncle Gary
Ronnie, Uncle Gary, John & Denise
Ronnie & Denise
Denise Ronnie
Ronnie and his official R² cup.

Ronnie, John & Denise, who are the original members of that great punk rock band from the late '80s "The Heinz 57s", reunited in Chuckie's honor for Chuckiepalooza 2008.

John insisted the Council Crew watch one of their old videos. Thanks John!

Denise Ronnie John
Buck John
Buck & John
Derrick & John
Jeffie John Derrick
John Steve
Steve & John
Steve, Chuckie, Donna & Uncle Gary
Steve Donna Chuckie Uncle Gary
Steve Pooh Bear
Steve & Pooh Bear
That look on Matt's face is obviously in direct relation to the placement of Steve's left hand!
Steve Matt
Steve Peggy
Peggy did what Peggy does best while Steve enjoyed every second!
Whatever it was, Peggy & Matt sure thought it was funny. Could it have been Dickie's butt?
Matt Peggy
Matt Peggy
Peggy & Matt
Matt, Peggy and everyone at the party had a fantastic time because Amy did a great job as the official Council Junior Hostess.
Matt Peggy Amy
Peggy Buck
From the look on Buck's face, he got more than he bargained for by sitting next to Peggy!
Peggy and her daughters Kayla and Katrina had a great time!
Matt Derrick Uncle Gary
Uncle Gary, Derrick & Matt
Derrick & Ronnie
Derrick Ronnie
Derrick Capt'n Dickie
What makes you think this picture of Capt'n Dickie and Derrick was painstakingly altered by The United States Department of Classification And Ratings?
Tracy & Derrick
Derrick Tracy
Derrick Tracy Buck
Derrick, Buck & Tracy
Buck, Tracy & Dickie
Tracy Buck Capt'n Dickie
Tracy Peggy
Tracy & Peggy
Tracy & Steve
Steve Tracy
Tracy Buck John
Tracy, Buck & John
Tracy & John
John Tracy
John Matt
Matt & John
Steve & John
John Steve
John Chuckie
John & Chuckie
Donna & Chuckie
Donna Chuckie
Donna Chuckie
And they all lived happily ever after......

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Chuckie Chuckie Jennifer Jeffie Sharon Tracy