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~ The Singer - 2009 ~
Herr Beaver, Herr Derrick und Herr John had a great time at the very first Oktoberfest mit der Council party on September 5th, 2009.
Oktoberfest mit der Council
Check out all the fun we had at the the party here.
Herr John Herr Beaver
Herr Derrick smiled pretty for all the beautiful Council Fräuleins!
The usually mild mannered Ronnie and Derrick got in to the spirit of the occasion and really cut loose for The Council Beer Summit at Logo's on August 7th, 2009!
For the Love of Beer
Derrick had the lady at the mixing board working overtime as he had everyone singing along to one of our favorite tunes.
With a special request for the Linkin Park song, "In The End" and Greg being absent, Adrian stepped in to help his Dad!

It was really apparent from the start that Derrick and Adrian had a lot of fun singing together.

Adrian Lisa

Lisa, Derrick and Adrian paused for this great photo that Derrick proudly used as his profile picture on his Facebook page!

Newcastle Brown Ale
Adrian listened carefully as Derrick explained the dangers of public intoxication while Uncle Gary tried to hold Ronnie upright after having too much fun during The Council Beer Summit!
Ronnie Uncle Gary Adrian
Linda and Derrick laughed and giggled and chuckled and acted as giddy as school girls but that comes naturally to Derrick!
Little Kings Cream Ale
With those great big smiles on their faces, anyone could clearly see that Derrick and Robert had a terrific time at the Council Beer Summit!
John Michael
Michael, Derrick and John all let down their hair, relaxed and had fun with The Council Crew at the official Council Beer Summit.

Derrick and John had so much fun at the Council Beer Summit, they said we should all do this again every month.

Now that's a great idea!
Mr. Derrick was amazed that Dawna and Mr. Matt gave the sacred Check out all the fun we had at Chuckiepalooza 2 salute for the entire world to see during the very first official Council Holiday that we celebrated in Uncle Gary's Basement on June 6th, 2009!
Matt Dawna

And of course Henry The Horse dances the waltz!

Derrick and Derrick?
Yes, but which one is which? Julie's Derrick, the inventor of Derrickabobs and all around good guy is on the left. The Official Council Boy Toy and provider of multiple varieties of entertainment is on the right. Got it?

Was Derrick wearing one of Miss Amy's cool ear rings or was Miss Amy wearing one of Derrick's cool ear rings?

The world may never know!


Talk about all in the family!

Cousin Nikki and cousin Todd were invited to their very first Council Meeting at Logo's on May 1st, 2009 by their cousin Derrick.
Cousin Nikki and cousin Derrick took the Logo's stage by storm and had the crowd singing along,clapping their hands and stomping their feet!
Miss Amy
Jane finished off her 18th shot (one for each year old she claimed to be) and Derrick couldn't believe that she was still able to function normally during the Jane's Birthday Council Meeting at Logo's on May 1st, 2009.

Derrick Smurf dedicated his song "Babe" to the newly elected official Council CEO as all of his adoring fans cheered his return to Logo's stage on April 3rd, 2009.

Derrick Smurf
Derrick Smurf actually voted for Johnny Smurf before he voted against him. After all, how can one say no to a guy that digs blue chicks?
Johnny Smurf
Pa Pa Uncle Gary Smurf

Uncle Gary Smurf

"No really Pa Pa Uncle Gary Smurf, if Smurfette doesn't go home with John, I think I'll offer her a few blue drinks and see if she will come back to my Smurf house" whispered, Derrick Smurf.
Dawna and Derrick had a great time with the Council Crew during the very first Council Meeting of the year at Logo's on February 6th, 2009.
That's Mr. Derrick to you!
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