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Jason excitedly called home to tell his Mom that after being a fan of for so many years, he was actually joining The Council Crew for the very first time for a fun filled evening of fights, riots and off key singing at Logo's on Friday February 25th, 2005. It was GREAT!
Casey took Jason to visit the parents, have dinner and watch "The Matrix Reloaded" on October 16th, 2003. The Face winked at the camera while she posed for this photo in the bed of Jason's truck with two of her most favorite people.
Julie The Face
Kellie and Jason were caught "looking good" and heading out to one of their many social functions on August 24th, 2002.
The Family reacts to the surprise of seeing Jason's new truck for the first time during Rita's Memorial Day party on May 25th, 2002.
Family & Jason's Truck 5-25-02
Wow, who's that in the brand new 2002 Ford Ranger Edge truck?
Jason is thrilled with his newest toy.
V6, automatic transmission, flair side, air conditioned, 6 CD in dash AM/FM Disc player, sliding back window, cruise control plus many other features makes one cool truck!
Kellie thinks the truck (and Jason) is, "SWEET"!
Jason's a drummer.
And there are no volume controls on his huge drum kit.
Jason and Uncle Brian
Jason was a member of the Class of 2000!
Jason in action at his high school graduation party at Grandpa's house.
Jason's band, Trendkill, was the headliner at a local music festival. They put on a great show and the performance is available on CD from GP Productions.
They Rocked!
The Band before the show.
1. Enter Sandman
Solo by Bruce
2. One
Solo by Matt
3. Man in a box
Solo 1 Bruce; Solo 2 Matt
4. Dead and Bloated
5. Mr. Crowley

Solo 1 Matt; Solo 2 Bruce
6. Far Behind
Solo by Bruce
7. Cumbersome
8. Torn
9. Whatever
10. Two Ning
11. Sad but True

Solo 1 Bruce; Solo 2 Matt
12. Cemetery Gates
Solo by Matt
13. Them Bones
Solo 1 Bruce; Solo 2

TrendKill is:

Lead guitar ~ Bruce

Rhythm guitar ~ Matt

Bass ~ Dennis

Drums ~ Jason



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