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~ The Great American - 2010 ~

Grandma Monica, Katie and Grandpa John had a great time together with their Council friends at on June 5th, 2010.

Check out all the fun we had HERE!
Monica and Katie
TracIE and John
John and Uncle Gary celebrated
Uncle Gary
Señor Herr Steee

During the Council Meeting at Logo's on May 7th, 2010, this close up picture of John was taken especially for all his work buddies.

The word is, they like to alter Council photos of our friend and turn them in to sick and twisted pictures.

Now who would do something like that?

Señor Herr Steee thanked John very much for finding him and a bunch of his amigos locked in a box truck in the middle of the desert in Arizona just in time to attend the May Council Meeting!
Señor Herr Steee
Miss Amy Señor Herr Steee Pam
Miss Amy and John are the stars of yet another Council Block Buster movie called CopOut about a rough riding, shoot first and ask questions later cop and his new tech savvy partner who have to infiltrate a group of crazy beer drinking friends and uncover what really goes on during their monthly meetings!

John asked Mr. Matt if it was true that Beaver recently got out of the hospital after having a sex change operation for the new Council movie it's Complicated?

All Matt could do was just smile and recommenced he buy the DVD!
Mr. Matt
it's Complicated
Uncle Gary and John along with the entire Council Crew had another fabulous time during The Council Meeting at Logo's on March 5th, 2010.
Uncle Gary
Note to the official Council photographer, never leave the camera unattended when John is around or you may find a picture like this on the camera the day after the Council Meeting!
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