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Oktoberfest mit der Council

Herr John und Herr Matt had a great time at the very first Oktoberfest mit der Council party on September 5th, 2009.

Check out all the fun we had at the the party here.
Herr John looked as if he were really in Munich!

Herr John und Fräulein Dawna

The sticker on his shirt says it all!
Fräulein Dawna
Herr John und Fräulein Peggy
Fräulein Peggy
John was smiling because he knew that Beaver was actually stealing Capt'n Dickie's wallet as this photo was being taken during the DickieFest celebration at Logo's on July 3rd, 2009.
Capt'n Dickie Beaver
The Council Ladies, Miss Amy, TracIE, Johnetta, Miss Peggy and Jennifer posed for this wonderful picture of feminine pulchritude!
Cousin John and Cousin Ronnie partied at DickieFest like it was 1999. Come on, they're a couple of old farts just doing the best they can!
Ronnie Miss Peggy TracIE Jennifer Miss Amy Capt'n Dickie Capt'n Dickie Beaver
Ronnie distracted Jenny just long enough so she wouldn't see John's little blue stripper begging him to let her stay and celebrate the second annualCheck out all the fun we had at Chuckiepalooza 2 party in Uncle Gary's Basement on June 6th, 2009!
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Ronnie Smurfette
USPS Simpsons Stamps
The transaction looked like John was buying official United States Simpsons postal Stamps from Tracy but it was really a pay off to keep her quiet about Smurfette!
After years of only guessing, Jenny finally got to see her husband as he really was; living his alternative life style with all of his Council friends. She was all right with the fact that after all this time, John had the courage to proudly place the sticker on his shirt and put the hat on. What a guy, that's our CEO!
John had another wonderful time during the Council Meeting at Logo's on May 1st, 2009 with Mr. Matt and Steve talking about how much better his Silverton Hardware is over what everyone else gets at the big box stores.
And all this time we thought John was talking about Hardware stores!
Steve Mr. Matt Silverton Hardware Bag
All Hope and John could do was to look on as Jennifer, Robert and Jane had another great laughfest. It had nothing to do with amount of beer that was consumed!
Robert Jane Jennifer
Jonny Smurf and his blue babe Smurfette

Johnny Smurf's life long dream came true when Smurfette finally gave in to his advances and openly express her feelings for him during the April 3rd, 2009 Council Meeting at Logo's.

Just don't tell his wife!
Well, you guessed it. After a few "Blue Drinks", Smurfette ripped off that little white dress and started dancing on the table right in front of Robert Smurf, Johnny Smurf and Derrick Smurf!
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Derrick Smurf Robert Smurf Smurfette
And they all liver happily ever after.....
Derrick Smurf Jane Smurf Robert Smurf Smurfette
Jennifer was really excited to be standing next to the world famous and internationally known dancing Playboy during the Council Meeting at Logo's on March 6th, 2009!
Watch John, the world famous and internationally known dancing Playboy, first seen HERE with an amazing dance caught on Celtics jumbotron then leading the crowd in a dance at the Liverpool Street Station at 11:00 AM on January 15th HERE. What will he do next?
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