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~ The Voice - 2010 ~

Michael, Steve and Mr. Matt had a great time together with all their Council friends at on June 5th, 2010.

Check out all the fun we had HERE!
Steve Michael
Check out all the Council Posters and banners here!

Steve and the rest of The Council Crew really enjoyed all of Mr. Matt's stickers, posters, banners and especially the video that set the theme for

Thanks Matt!
Mr. Matt and Michael
Capt'n Dickie, Wild Bill and Mr. Matt
Wild Bill Capt'n Dickie
Miss Amy
Miss Amy and her Mr. Daddy had a lot of fun with all their Council friends during the Council Meeting at Logo's on May 7th, 2010.
Mr. Matt proudly displayed the sticker proofs he made for the very special official Council holiday known as that will be held next month!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Parts-Man!

Michael personally delivered some upper and lower hoses that Mr. Matt had ordered for his Mattmobile.

Now that's service!

Mr. Matt enjoyed being hosed.

Now that's just sick!


Derrick was very impressed with Mr. Matt's new hoses as he gently caressed them. Now, will Matt be able to actually install them in his car instead of hanging them on the family room wall for everyone to admire?

The world may never know!

John asked Mr. Matt if it was true that Beaver recently got out of the hospital after having a sex change operation for the new Council movie it's Complicated?

All Matt could do was just smile and recommenced he buy the DVD!

it's Complicated
Things went from strange to weird during the very special Lemon/Lime Council Meeting at Logo's on April 2nd, 2010 but as usual, Miss Peggy, Mr. Matt, Jennifer and the rest of the Crew had a wonderful time!
So if watching our children eat lemons and limes were not enough entertainment, Mr. Matt, Uncle Gary and Uncle Steee had a great time chatting with Amy's boy friend on the phone. What a great kid!
Miss Amy gave her Daddy a big hug because she knew he and all of her "Uncles" would always be there to look out for her!
Matt & Sahah Anchorage 1994
Thanks to this picture found on the Internet, the true story finally came out about that wild week in Anchorage back in 1994 when Mr. Matt said he was going to visit Jeff Bigelow!
Miss Amy
Why is it that Mr. Matt and Michael looked like they were up to no good?
Matt was thrilled that his friend "The Evil Gregor" made the long trip to Logo's once again to join the Crew for another fun filled Council Meeting on March 5th, 2010!
The Evil Gregor
Matt, Dawna and Uncle Gary
Dawna Uncle Gary
Steve had just flown in from Chihuahua, Mexico to join Matt and the rest of his Council friends for another great time at Logo's.
In a picture that Uncle Gary says is one of the best ever taken of our hero, Mr. Matt proposes a toast to good times, the best of friends and to a wonderful new year for all. Check out all the fun we had HERE!
Steve and Matt point out that Peggy found a creative way to thaw the "blues"!
Steve Miss Peggy

Can you tell who ran out of beer?

Steve or Matt
Peggy and Matt ring in another new year together with all their Council friends in Uncle Gary's Basement.
Miss Peggy
Peggy and Matt
Miss Peggy
Uncle Gary, Julie and Matt
Julie Uncle Gary
Matt and Uncle Gary
Uncle Gary Steve Matt
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