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~ The heir to the throne of Tralfamador - 2010 ~
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Michael, Steve and Mr. Matt had a great time together with their Council friends at on June 5th, 2010.

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Mr. Matt Steve
Mr. Matt Michael
Jeffie, Uncle Gary, Ronnie and Michael
Uncle Gary Jeffie Ronnie
Mr. Matt and Michael
Mr. Matt
Michael and Beaver

Michael and Ronnie



Michael, Derrick, Señor Herr Steee, Miss Amy, and Mr. Matt enjoyed getting together for another fun filled Council Meeting at Logo's on May 7th 2010.
Faster than a speeding 1968 VW Beetle!
More powerful than one of Jeffie's belches!
Able to leap small ant hills in a single bound!
Look! Over at Logo's!
It's a bird!
It's a plane!
It's Parts-Man!
Señor Herr Steee Miss Amy Mr. Matt Derrick

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Parts-Man!

Michael personally delivered some upper and lower hoses that Mr. Matt had ordered for his Mattmobile.

Now that's service!

Mr. Matt
Michael and Derrick, started to fall over as they and Mr. Matt with Julie all smiled for the Council camera.
Mr. Matt Derrick Julie
Why is it that Mr. Matt and Michael looked like they were up to no good during the Council Meeting at Logo's on April 2nd, 2010?
Mr. Matt

Mr. Matt looked on in amazement as the mild mannered Michael quickly turned in to that world famous and internationally known super hero - Parts Man.

You should see him in his cape!
Mr. Matt Mr. Matt


Beaver Aunt Sandy TracIE