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The Crew celebrated as Ronnie and Beaver's mother, who is a big fan, attended her very first Council Meeting at Hippo Joe's on May 21st, 2004 where she was greeted with a party hat from Julie and a tremendous birthday cake from Beaver. Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds finally got to meet all of those great people who are on the Internet in person. Everyone sang a fantastic rendition of Happy Birthday and cheered as she blew out the candle on her huge cake.
Peggy Handsome Matt Bone Robert Dave Czuba Artie Beaver Mrs. Reynolds (Ronnie & Beaver's Mom) Mr. Reynolds (Ronnie & Beaver's Dad) Ronnie John TracIE Jennifer Julie Chuckie
Mrs. Reynolds was ready to party in her great hat even though it was long past Mr. Reynolds bed time!
Beaver wished his mom a big Council Happy Birthday and welcomed her to her first meeting!
Jennifer and Julie made sure to attend this very special Council Meeting. Beaver even wanted to help blow out the candle on the monster sized cake he bought his mother!
OK, so it was a little monster but she blew out the candle by herself!
Jennifer had a great time at the party and especially liked the hat!
Ronnie enjoyed sitting next to Julie during the very special Council Meeting at Hippo Joe's while they, along with the rest of the crew, celebrated his Mother's 70th birthday on May 21st, 2004.

What she didn't know was that the party at Hippo Joe's was just the beginning. The family had planned a surprise party at the Montgomery Inn for months!

Mom, Dad and the kids.

Steven, Ronnie & Jeri

The grand children and the great grand children really looked forward to surprising their grandma!
The party brought tears to her eyes not only because of the surprise but that everyone was able to keep it such a secret!
Uncle Gary, Jennifer and Julie had a great time with the family and almost as good as the surprise and the dinner was the fact that Steven even wore a tie!
Happy Birthday Mom!

Beaver Visit The Original Montgomery Inn