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~ Hacksaw & Dee - 2002 ~
Budweiser O'doul's Amber Heineken
During the Council Meeting on November 29th, 2002, Ronnie proved that if one drinks enough O'Douls Amber beer, it will cause your face to look like that!
A big Council Happy Birthday to Denise who, with Ronnie, showed up to the meeting on November 15th, 2002. The count down to midnight started and at 12:00 AM on the 16th, everyone wished Denise a Happy 40th Birthday.
After the most difficult week of their lives, Ronnie and Denise along with Sandrine and her husband Mike relaxed at the Council Meeting on November 8th, 2002 which was proudly dedicated to the loving memory of Trey.
This is what Ronnie's face looked like on November 1st, 2002 after apparently soiling himself! Ronnie later denied the rumor.
The Official Council Rubber Chicken

Yes, Ronnie brought a rubber chicken to the Council Meeting on October 4th, 2002 and said that he was donating it as "The Official Council Rubber Chicken"! It was a big hit, check out the Chicken Page here.

Are you happy just to see us,
The Official Council Rubber Chicken
or is that a rubber Chicken in your pocket?
During the meeting on August 30th, 2002, Ronnie tried to enforce a new Council dress code but Buck threw a blanket over him, tied him up and placed him in the store room for the rest of the night. Oh, Oh - Ronnie's still there!
Ronnie attended the Council Meeting ~ Scarlet Oaks Broadcast Arts Class of 1979 reunion party on August 23rd, 2002. Check it out here!
On August 16th, 2002, Ronnie seen here with Chuckie's finger in his ear who claimed to have worn a different shirt to every Council Meeting, was told that an independent study by CastrucciCo Inc. found three different times that he wore the same shirt! Here, here and here. Legal action is now being taken but Ronnie is disputing the allegations.
O'doul's Amber
Ronnie sported yet another new shirt during the Council on August 9th, 2002.
Ronnie tried to smile for the camera even though he apparently just soiled himself due to the antics of The Council on August 2nd, 2002.
Mike's Hard Lemonade O'doul's Amber Steve Chuckie Dave's Back
During the Council Meeting on July 26th, 2002, Ronnie was thrilled to see that Sports Plus was now stocking O'doul's Amber just for him!
Ronnie patently waited for an O'doul's Premium during the Council Meeting on July 12th, 2002. Rachell better hurry or Ronnie may start to cry!
Ronnie 7-12-02
Ronnie 6-28-02 O'doul's Premium
Ronnie enjoyed himself during the meeting on June 28th, 2002 with an ice cold O'doul's Premium and is looking forward to the day Sports Plus will carry O'doul's Amber!
Everyone noticed something different about Ronnie during the meeting on June 7th, 2002. Maybe if you point your mouse at him, you'll notice it too!
Ronnie 5-31-02
During the meeting on May 31st, 2002 everyone thought Ronnie was just an average, ordinary Council Member. Buck recently uncovered some disturbing facts. Check it out the "Ron-E True Hollywood Story" here!
True Hollywood Story
Ronnie and Denise were caught enjoying dinner during the Council Meeting on May 24th, 2002.
Ronnie & Denise 5-24-02 Budweiser
Ronnie 5-17-02

Ronnie wants you!

to attend the next Council Meeting!

Trey brought his Mom for dinner and to say, "hello"during the Council Meeting on May 17th, 2002.
Trey & Denise 5-17-02 Trey
Coors Trey
Trey stopped by Sports Plus with his mother to have dinner, wave hello and drop his dad off to attend The Council Meeting on May 10th, 2002.
Ronnie managed to attend two Council meetings in a row, by dropping by Sports Plus on May 3rd, 2002 to say hello to all of his friends.
Labatt Blue Bud Light

Buddy, have a drink!

Bowling season is over and Ronnie was able to stop by Sports Plus to attend the meeting on April 26th, 2002 for a cold one.

Trey brought his parents to the Council Meeting on April 12th, 2002. Ronnie was thrilled to be there!
Due to a freak accident with a mysterious floating French fried smiling potato guy, Ronnie was unable to go bowling but was able to come to the first annual Council Pool tournament held at Sports Plus on April 5th, 2002.
Ronnie cut his thumb and had to take the night off from bowling but knew where to find his friends. Trey endured the loud, smoky bar to attend the Council Meeting on March 8th, 2002.
Trey insisted that his dad, Ronnie, stop by the Council Meeting on March 1st, 2002 before going to his Bowling tournament.
Denise brought her friend Sandrine to her first Council Meeting on March 1st, 2002.
Ronnie appears to be greeting Dave by giving him a friendly pat on the butt!
Ronnie borrowed a servers body to take Chuckie's order.
Dave Trey Trey Trey Labatt Blue Jim Beam Matt Coors Labatt Blue O'doul's Amber Chris Ryan Chuckie's Arm Buck Buck's arm