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~ Hacksaw & Dee - 2009 ~
In November, Ronnie and Denise always look forward to three things, The Council Meeting, Denise's Birthday and Thanksgiving!
During the Council Meeting at Logo's on November 6th, 2009, TracIE and Ronnie lookin' good and havin' fun with all their friends at the Council Meetin'.
TracIE Evil Gregor
Oktoberfest mit der Council
Fräu Denise und Herr Ronnie had a great time at the very first Oktoberfest mit der Council party on September 5th, 2009.
Check out all the fun we had at the the party here.
Either Herr Ronnie was missing his shirt with a big "S" on the front, tights and a cape or he was doing a Can Can dance while serving stuff!
Herr Buck Herr Derrick
Herr Buck und Herr Ronnie enjoyed visiting with all their Council friends during Oktoberfest mit der Council.
Herr Buck
Corona Extra


Derrick and Ronnie quietly discussed the evening's entertainment schedule for this very special Council event at Logo's on August 7th 2009!

For the Love of Beer
The usually mild mannered Ronnie and Derrick got in to the spirit of the occasion and really cut loose for The Council Beer Summit!
Derrick's hair

Derrick jammed as Ronnie pulled out his guitar and entertained everyone at Logo's and The Council Crew by playing a Led Zeppelin medley, a fourteen minute blues jam and finished off his set with Love Shack!

It must be true, you read it on the Internet.

Federal Brewing Co.
Buddy, have a drink!
Why is it that Ronnie and Denise look like they are up to something?

One would have thought that Nancy Wilson was at Logo's as Denise entertained The Council Crew with one of our favorite Heart songs.

History of Beer
The King of Beer
Denise and Derrick gave the Logo's crowd a rare treat as the two teamed up for a great duet.
Cousin John could only look on as Cousin Ronnie tried to keep Denise vertical during the DickieFest celebration at Logo's on July 3rd, 2009!
John the dancing CEO
Michael and Denise wondered just how many planets Dickie could contact with that hat!
Cousin John and Cousin Ronnie partied like it was 1999 during DickieFest. Come on, they're a couple of old farts just doing the best they can!
Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood
Uncle Gary John
Ronnie thanked John, the official dancing Council CEO, for personally calling in some favors and greasing some palms to get Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood to perform live for the Council Crew during the second annual Check out all the fun we had at Chuckiepalooza 2 Party in Uncle Gary's Basement on June 6th, 2009!
Ronnie distracted Jenny just long enough so she wouldn't see John's little blue stripper begging him to let her stay and celebrate Check out all the fun we had at Chuckiepalooza 2!
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John Smurfette
Denise Sharon Tracy Jeff's back! Jennifer
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