This story was added to on July 9th, 2010 in honor of Chuckie's 50th birthday. No one really knows his true Tralfamadorian age as time seems to be measured differently there. The original story of how Chuck and Uncle Gary crash landed on Earth was first made public in July of 2008 with Chuck himself confirming the story. The story was even posted on the official Council web site. Why they left their home world in the first place has always been a mystery. Matt's video of The Search for Tralfamador, which had been commissioned for the 2010 Chuckiepalooza III Party, had a profound effect on Uncle Gary. Over the next several weeks, thoughts of past adventures, visions of faraway places, sights and sounds that seemed new, yet somehow very familiar were streaming through Uncle Gary's mind. Matt sensed that the video had started to unlock some repressed memories that had been stored away in Uncle Gary's subconscious. Matt knew that he needed to help his friend through the process of uncovering and chronicling the events of the past that will for evermore be known as, "The Lost History of Chuck and Uncle Gary".

Happy 50th Birthday Chuckie, we all miss you!

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